Spencer Kobren – LIVE Surgery Bald Truth Event

Written by admin on July 21, 2012

Spencer Kobren –  LIVE Surgery Bald Truth Event

Spencer Kobren speak live with Dr. Alan Bauman and Dr. B’s patient Clear Channel Radio personality Kevin Rolston during another Bald Truth Live hair restroation event.

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Spencer Kobren – Hair Transplant Live Event On YouTube

Written by admin on July 16, 2012

Bald Truth fans had the opportunity to speak with World Fitness champion Monica Brant and TBT host Spencer Kobren during the world’s first LIVE streaming hair transplant performed on a women. IAHRS accepted hair transplant surgeon Dr. Dan McGrath performed the procedure on Monica and participated in the live Q&A as well.

Check out more Spencer Kobren videos @ youtube.com/baldtruthradio


Spencer Kobren Bald Truth On Attraction

Written by admin on July 15, 2012

Attraction takes on all shapes and sizes and hair loss, while difficult, does not keep you out of the game as some people believe. On this Bald Truth, Spencer Kobren speaks with experts in the field about what actually attracts most women to their mates.

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Spencer Kobren – Hair Transplant Help On YouTube

Written by admin on July 15, 2012

Before and after photos are the cornerstone of the hair transplant business., unfortunately not all photos or surgeons are created equal. In this YouTube Video, Spencer Kobren explains how easy it is to make someone have the appearance of a great hair restoration result just by using some simple lighting tricks.