My Temples Have Receded. Am I A Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Written by on January 28, 2008

I have to say that the single biggest misconception about hair loss that I see on a DAILY basis is that of temporal recession especially among younger men. This is usually the first area of loss that a young man notices. Unfortunately, most young men that see temporal recession immediately think they are going bald and are going to look old and beyond their years. This is not necessarily the case.

Almost all young males (teen and pre-pubescent) have a hairline that is more or less “straight” across their forehead. As males begin to mature the corners of their hairline will usually recede somewhat but this is perfectly normal and does not necessarily dictate that they will be bald or balding later in life. I sometimes call this the final stages of puberty as I think of temporal recession as the final indicator of maturation from that of a juvenile male into an adult male. Of course, that is not to say that future loss is not going to happen, because it can.

If you are developing minor temporal recession and are concerned about the future you should contact a reputable hair loss expert that is a member of the American Hair Loss Association to have them help determine if it is normal mature male recession or if it is an indicator of worse loss to come. If your hair loss expert determines that more loss is to come then they can help you to outline a prevention plan to keep what hair you still have. Prevention is always the best route to take before choosing the surgical option. As I always tell my fellow hair loss sufferers, surgical hair restoration is like building a house. You need to build a solid foundation before you begin actual construction.

Joe Tillman


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