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Spencer Kobren – LIVE Surgery Bald Truth Event

Written by admin on July 21, 2012

Spencer Kobren –  LIVE Surgery Bald Truth Event

Spencer Kobren speak live with Dr. Alan Bauman and Dr. B’s patient Clear Channel Radio personality Kevin Rolston during another Bald Truth Live hair restroation event.

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Spencer Kobren – Hair Transplant Live Event On YouTube

Written by admin on July 16, 2012

Bald Truth fans had the opportunity to speak with World Fitness champion Monica Brant and TBT host Spencer Kobren during the world’s first LIVE streaming hair transplant performed on a women. IAHRS accepted hair transplant surgeon Dr. Dan McGrath performed the procedure on Monica and participated in the live Q&A as well.

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Spencer Kobren Bald Truth On Attraction

Written by admin on July 15, 2012

Attraction takes on all shapes and sizes and hair loss, while difficult, does not keep you out of the game as some people believe. On this Bald Truth, Spencer Kobren speaks with experts in the field about what actually attracts most women to their mates.

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Spencer Kobren – Hair Transplant Help On YouTube

Written by admin on July 15, 2012

Before and after photos are the cornerstone of the hair transplant business., unfortunately not all photos or surgeons are created equal. In this YouTube Video, Spencer Kobren explains how easy it is to make someone have the appearance of a great hair restoration result just by using some simple lighting tricks.

A New Hair Transplant Forum:

Written by admin on January 6, 2009

Hair loss consumer advocate Spencer Kobren has recently launched a new hair transplant forum called Bald Truth Talk. On his website The Bald Truth he discusses why he has created this new resource for the hair loss community:

What was once thought to be a safe place to learn about hair loss and hair transplantation has become a breeding ground for gorilla marketers posing as actual patients and hair loss sufferers. The most egregious offences come in the form of agenda driven posts created by forum administrators and their multiple pseudonyms intentionally misleading their trusting readers.

The sad truth is that this once wonderful resource of information for people trying to help themselves, and to learn more about hair loss and hair restoration has become corrupted.

For years, we have been asked by both the hair loss community and the handful of ethical members of the hair loss industry, to create an official resource that would be untouched by the corruption that permeates many of the existing entrepreneurial message forums. A place where vulnerable hair loss sufferers can ask questions and learn from truly concerned professionals and veteran hair loss consumers who have no political or financial agendas.

Indeed the online hair loss and hair transplant community is ready for a new platform to obtain real and honest information, the ability to interact with hair transplant surgeons, and of course, other hair loss individuals as well.

As with any health disorder, education is key. It is equally important to find real places of support to help navigate you through the muddy waters of the hair loss industry.

Spencer Kobren Answers Questions On The American Hair Loss Association

Written by admin on March 22, 2008

Hair loss consumer/patient advocate Spencer Kobren is now personally answering reader’s questions on the official blog of The American Hair Loss Association. Known as the “father” of consumer hair loss education, Spencer Kobren tells it like it is and helps hair loss consumers to navigate through the often treacherous hair loss industry. Recently Kobren answered a question from a 25 year old man seeking an inexpensive hair loss treatment. To read this post and to learn more, visit

Women’s Hair Loss Survey Debunks Myths – Women’s Hair Loss Project

Written by admin on January 11, 2008

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 10, 2008 — In a survey conducted during the months of November and December 2007 by The Women’s Hair Loss Project (, a website uniting and empowering women around the world who suffer from hair loss, one-fifth of 517 female respondents said that they began to see signs of hair loss between the ages of 15 and 20. These results debunk the myth that women primarily suffer from hair thinning as they age. It also reaffirms scientific studies linking hair loss to the use of birth control pills.

Website survey participants were asked: “How old were you when your hair loss first started?” Results signified that hair loss onset is strongly weighted during one’s teen years, tapering off to just three percent after age 60.

Complete survey results are as follows:

  • Age 15-20: 20%
  • Age 20-25: 19%
  • Age 30-35: 18%
  • Age 40-50: 17%
  • Age 25-30: 14%
  • Age 50-60: 9%
  • Age 60+: 3%

“Information from both member emails and our recent survey are telling,” explained the Project’s founder. “A considerable number of women start to lose their hair at a young age, coinciding with the use of birth control pills. This can be extraordinarily crippling to a woman’s self-esteem at any age, but even more so during these extremely delicate years of self-discovery.” Though surprising to most women, even The Mayo Clinic warns that birth control pill use may result in hair loss. Read more

Does The Laser Comb Really Grow Hair?

Written by admin on December 19, 2007

Laser light therapy hair loss treatment products such as the Hairmax Laser Comb and the Sunetics Laser Brush have become a hot topic in recent months. Can low level lasers be used to actual regrow and strengthen your existing hairs? A question regarding the efficacy of this hair loss treatment was asked on The Hair Transplant Adviser blog and was addressed by Dr. Brandon Ross, president and cofounder of La Jolla’s Ross Medical Hair Restoration, and member of the elite consumer hair transplant organization, the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. This is what Dr. Ross wrote in response to the following question: Read more Guide Mary Shomon Writes About Thyroid Hair Loss

Written by admin on December 5, 2007

A sluggish thyroid, an overactive thyroid and the wrong thyroid medication can all cause hair loss. guide Mary Shomon is a thyroid patient advocate and is the author of “The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss.” She recently wrote an article that was published on The American Hair Loss Association titled, “Hair Loss Can Be a Sign of a Thyroid Problem.” She writes:

And the type of hair loss can be telling as well. A unique and very specific type of hair loss that can occur in hypothyroidism is loss of the outer edge of eyebrow hair. This is almost always a thyroid sign, and always warrants followup with your physician.

Also pay attention to these hair-related signs that are more common in thyroid patients …

* Hair loss not just from the head but the body (i.e., underarms, arms, legs)
* Hair that breaks easily
* Hair that has a change in texture, including becoming thinner, finer, coarser, rougher, brittler, or more strawlike
* Hair that easily tangles
* Hair that changes its qualities, and no longer will hold a perm or a curl

Don’t overlook the thyroid as a possible contributing cause of your hair loss. Make sure to get checked out by a doctor knowledgeable in thyroid diseases. Sometimes it requires more that just a simple reading of your blood test results to determine if your thyroid or thyroid medication is too blame for your hair loss.