A New Hair Transplant Forum: BaldTruthTalk.com

Written by on January 6, 2009

Hair loss consumer advocate Spencer Kobren has recently launched a new hair transplant forum called Bald Truth Talk. On his website The Bald Truth he discusses why he has created this new resource for the hair loss community:

What was once thought to be a safe place to learn about hair loss and hair transplantation has become a breeding ground for gorilla marketers posing as actual patients and hair loss sufferers. The most egregious offences come in the form of agenda driven posts created by forum administrators and their multiple pseudonyms intentionally misleading their trusting readers.

The sad truth is that this once wonderful resource of information for people trying to help themselves, and to learn more about hair loss and hair restoration has become corrupted.

For years, we have been asked by both the hair loss community and the handful of ethical members of the hair loss industry, to create an official resource that would be untouched by the corruption that permeates many of the existing entrepreneurial message forums. A place where vulnerable hair loss sufferers can ask questions and learn from truly concerned professionals and veteran hair loss consumers who have no political or financial agendas.

Indeed the online hair loss and hair transplant community is ready for a new platform to obtain real and honest information, the ability to interact with hair transplant surgeons, and of course, other hair loss individuals as well.

As with any health disorder, education is key. It is equally important to find real places of support to help navigate you through the muddy waters of the hair loss industry.


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