About.com Guide Mary Shomon Writes About Thyroid Hair Loss

Written by on December 5, 2007

A sluggish thyroid, an overactive thyroid and the wrong thyroid medication can all cause hair loss. About.com guide Mary Shomon is a thyroid patient advocate and is the author of “The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss.” She recently wrote an article that was published on The American Hair Loss Association titled, “Hair Loss Can Be a Sign of a Thyroid Problem.” She writes:

And the type of hair loss can be telling as well. A unique and very specific type of hair loss that can occur in hypothyroidism is loss of the outer edge of eyebrow hair. This is almost always a thyroid sign, and always warrants followup with your physician.

Also pay attention to these hair-related signs that are more common in thyroid patients …

* Hair loss not just from the head but the body (i.e., underarms, arms, legs)
* Hair that breaks easily
* Hair that has a change in texture, including becoming thinner, finer, coarser, rougher, brittler, or more strawlike
* Hair that easily tangles
* Hair that changes its qualities, and no longer will hold a perm or a curl

Don’t overlook the thyroid as a possible contributing cause of your hair loss. Make sure to get checked out by a doctor knowledgeable in thyroid diseases. Sometimes it requires more that just a simple reading of your blood test results to determine if your thyroid or thyroid medication is too blame for your hair loss.


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